Outreach medical care
Outreach medical care
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In India, a majority of the disabled resides in rural areas where accessibility, availability, and utilization of rehabilitation services and its cost-effectiveness are the major issues to be considered.

The Outreach program is back bone of Campus Challenge. There we connect the rural community to the Campus Challenge. It is taking care of 850 vulnerable children living in remote Fishing and Tribal areas.

The following team, Doctor, Health worker, Physiotherapist, Orthopedic and Prosthetic technicians, Special Educators and the Social workers are serving the needy children through our Medical care center.

The Social workers are in the field closely working with the vulnerable community. Identification, preparation of the case studies, information to the Medical team, organizing Medical camps, Medicine Distribution, Awareness meetings etc... are the major responsibilities of the social workers.

The Doctor visits weekly to the children who were bed ridden and prescribing medicines and nutrition supplements. Also organize medical camps in the villages and delivering medicines, nutrition supports, Assistive devices to the needy children.

An important task of the Outreach team is creating awareness and providing information to parents and communities to bring down the rate of occurrence of disability.