Inclusive and Special Education

Campus Challenge has a unique place following the cross disability concept. It has inclusive & Special Education system. There is an English Medium School from 1 – 10th Standard for Orthopedically challenged and 1-5th Standard forspecial Children (Visually challenged, Hearing Impaired and intellectually challenged) with in the premices. There is a team of 12 teachers, full time and 2 Teachers Part time, which were passionate and dedicated to teach all the 120 children. In the Inclusive Education system, when we observe the improvement on the special child, we can transfer them to normal Education. For instance, a visually challenged child learns Braille from 1-5th in the special class room. If they enough good at grasping we can move the child to normal class from 6th standard and teach them with little assistance(spare extra time to prepare Notes in Braille, By providing Audio lessons etc..) It helps them to cope up with normal children with assistance.This is what exactly we did at Campus Challenge to transform special children in to main stream.

Campus Challenge pays extra attention for special category children. We teach Braille along with behavioural therapy for visually challenged children and keep in track to bring them to inclusive system. In the same way, the hearing impaired children, after the assessment we equipped the child with hearing machines and then start giving speech training along with Indian sign language. When he / she come to 5thStandard, they are ready to mingle with inclusive system. Same is applicable for Intellectual disabled by giving ADL training based on their IQ levels.

Children with disability usually lag behind their peers in their education when they arrive at Campus, but they use their time very well. They are studying well. Special focus is needed for the children who are in tenth class. A significant amount of work has to be done at school, because most of the children come in with a considerable educational disadvantage. Extra homework classes are needed, often before school time and/or in the evening.