Current Events


» Supplying of an Oxygen cylinders, Ambulance facility, Essential Medicines, Hospital bed assistance, Food Packages, Isolation and Vaccination Counselling drive.

The second wave of COVID 19 was badly hitting India and the rural areas too. People are struggling to get Ventilator beds at the Hospitals. There are long queues at Oxygen cylinder filling stations. Medicines are not available at stores. Lack of Ambulance facility with Oxygen to move patients at right time to the Hospitals. 

Situation was not improving. The remote villages are in same direction. They are hopeless. There is lack of awareness. Social workers reporting COVID cases in our children families. Our youngster Dalli Rama Lakshmi lost her father due to COVID. Her mother also infected and in critical situation.

There is a huge demand in Transportation of COVID patients from their homes to Hospitals at this moment. The rural area people could not find right hospital for the treatment. 

The CC team have an idea to help the needy people to get treatment at right time to recover from COVID.

There are helping hands in AS community will come forward to support for this cause.

Mr. Ravindra, our Saikorian connected Liquinox company for Oxygen cylinder facility to our Ambulance and minivan. so we are making some modifications and getting ready to help COVID victims.

Social workers and teachers are get the data from Hospitals and beds availability.

The local Primary Health Center will help us to give medicines to the patients in Home isolation. We will supply food to the patients in home isolation.

 The medical team will help the home isolation patient to get counseling and medical assistance. The local PHC willing to share COVID positive patients list.

Our medical officer will help us to prescribe medicines as per requirement. 



» 150 children and youth were sent to their homes safely

Due to the reason of CORONA virus outbreak and instructionsfrom the Government of India to all the Child Care institutions, we sent allthe special children back to their homes safely. The children who have noparents / guardians are with us.

» 20.000 Nose masks produced and delivered to the public in needy

We empathize the necessity of nose masks during the lock down to reduce the spread of Corona virus and there is a scarcity in the market. Then Campus Challenge skill development center started producing nose masks with the help of in house staff and youngsters’ staff living nearby.  In total 20000 nose masks produced and distributed to the Police, Revenue, Medical, our children families and Migrant labour walking through NH 16.

» 200 Grocery kits distributed to children families to help them to stay home safely

Children at Campus Challenge are came from BPL families as their parents are daily labourer. Due to Nation-wide lock down, their families too struggling for food. With the help from the local companies IVAX, Aurobindo and own AS community we have prepared a list of essentials required to survive a family for a month with a disadvantaged child. We served 200 kits to needy children families living in remote fishing and Tribal areas. The Friends Indeed organization paid salaries to all the employees during the lock down. 

» 180 migrant people resided at Campus Challenge for 8 weeks as quarantine to avoid community transmission.

With request from the Government authorities, our Education center was converted in to a Quarantine center for the migrants. Three batches left from the past 8 weeks and all are tested COVID 19 negative. They are felt so safe to stay inside during their stay and returned to their homes safely. 

» 100 children, pregnant women and elderly people at migrant Quarantine centers are supplied with Additional Nutrients

There are children, pregnant women and elderly people in the migrant quarantine centers are served with milk, cookies and Fruits etc. We ensured the young children in quarantine center feel safe just like their home by giving them play material and food they like. 

» 20.000 Food parcels supplied to the Migrants passing through NH 16

We at the campus were extremely pained and moved to see the plight of these poor people over NH 16. After speaking to the managing committee, we have decided to do our bit, instead of lamenting and sympathizing with them. As part of our effort, we have decided to provide Safe Drinking water, Face Masks, Fruits, Milk, Energy Drinks, and food packets etc.

We started a campaign with support from local police station and supplying safe drinking water, Milk, Cookies, Boiled Horn grams, Food,Fruits and Nose masks etc.. to the needy people who were walking through NH 16.

» 100 Cerebral Palsy and Malnourished children supplied with essential medicines

Campus Challenge also has an Outreach program, under which medicines, nutrition supplements, assistive devices are distributed in remote areas.

During the nation wide lock down we took permission from the authorities and distributed medicines and nutrients to the Cerebral Palsy and Malnourished children at their door step safely.

» 2.000Kg Vegetables from our own garden distributed to the needy community

There is a kitchen garden at Campus Challenge to feed 200 children on daily basis. Due to lock down all the children were safely dropped at their homes.

2.000 Kgs of Brinjal, Green Chilli, Tomato, Ridge guard, Beans, Lady finger and Papaya from our own garden are distributed to the community kitchens who were cooking food to the home less. Also distributed to the needy people in the surrounding villages and our children families during the lock down period.


CARGO HANDLING PRIVATE WORKERS POOL TRUST donated Laundry machine and generators facility, worth Rs. 23 lakhs, to improve the quality of life of special children at campus challenge.

Our sincere thanks to Sri. K V Krishna Kumar Dutt(SSK Roll NO: 9) and his family members for their wonderful gesture.