Children village

Campus Challenge was built in 5 acers of land It has 10 children homes, spacious Education complex including Braille, ADL and Speech therapy rooms, Skill development training center including Stitching, Carpentry, Computer, Print shop and Horticulture etc.. A Medical care center including Artificial limbs manufacturing unit,Physiotherapy center etc..

The Children's Village on the Campus opened its doors in 2010. 120 children and 30 youngsters live together with the staff and guests.

Physical Limitation60
Visual Impairment20
Auditory Limitation20
Intellectual Limitation20
Younsters(All Kinds)30


The spacious Campus school is accessible to children and youngsters in a wheelchair and on crutches. The visually impaired children also easily find their way. The dining room, library, computer room and medical center are right next to the children’s homes. The children can play safely on the porches and on the street. There are care takers, who were living along with children to take care of their daily routine. They assist them to do their day to day activities. There is a spacious dining hall environed by the kitchen garden, cooking food by consuming organic vegetables from our own garden. Round the clock children are under surveillance.