Success Stories


Meda Gowri

Meda Gowri(Vision Problem), daughter of Ammoru& Yellayamma (Very poor) is from Mukkam village. They are fisherman who make living on daily wages. They are 2 brothers& 2 sisters. Through Volunteers She Came to Campus-Challenge when she was 6. Through Magnifiers Braille learning child did well after health checkups in LVPI & MIMS(VZM). She is Graduate after securing 7.5GPA in 10th (Regular) and aims to become a Teacher.
Patna Ramesh

Patna Ramesh (Polio- consanguineous marriage),son of Pydiraju & Ramanarsamma live a daily labor (Very Poor) in Bhogapuram.They lived in Katcha house,now moved to an Indiramma(government)house. Volunteers Brought him to Campus-Challenge when he was 12. His Tests went KGH(Vizag). Campus supported Him by Orthotics. He is pursuing his IIIT 3rd Year in Srikakulam securing 9.8GPA in 10th. He wants to be an Engineer

Patna Ramulappaduson(Polio due to consanguineous marriage)son of Ramulappayya and Appalanarsamma work as daily labor(Very poor).They are 4 brothers.Volunteers brought him to campus when he was 2.Campus supported him through regular physiotheraphy to bring him to normal living.In 10th he got 8GPA. He is now in his 2nd year,Polytechnic. He is a good sports person and won many state awards.He wants be an Engineer
Vanam Gowramma

Vanam Gowramma(Skin Burn) daughter of Venkanna and Kanakamma from Bhogapuram.Her father was a daily labour,TB patient(Very poor).She has 3 sisters&1 brother. When she was 6, While litting kerosene stove suffered a major fire accident resulting 80% skin burn. Campus supported her from the beginning. She had skin grafting in 7 hills hospital 2 times, right-hand plastic surgery 2 times.In 10th she got 7.5 GPA. This Bsc Graduate aims a Govement Job